Retirement Planning Businessman Alexander Joyce of Indianapolis

Alexander Joyce Indianapolis

An entrepreneur in the retirement finance field, Alexander Joyce provides a high professional standard of retirement planning services to clients through his Indianapolis, Indiana, based firm. Called ReJoyce Financial LLC, his company partners with clients interested in reducing retirement taxes on social security and other income as well as managing their retirement assets through risk-conscious growth strategies. As a result of his accomplishments, Alexander Joyce has been recognized by such publications as the Indianapolis Business Journal.

In preparation for his profession as a retirement planner, Alexander Joyce enrolled at the College for Financial Planning of Denver, Colorado. His education allowed him to achieve several industry designations, including the chartered retirement planning counselor and national social security advisor titles. Since attending the College, he has continued to educate himself to stay up-to-date on innovations in the retirement planning industry.

Before leading ReJoyce, Mr. Joyce gained hands-on business experience as a regional and project sales director for a travel company. In fact, he was named the company’s top sales director for three years. The position required he not only drive revenues, but also that he provide seminars for up-and-coming sales professionals.